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    Whether you’re looking for a seamless, flexible user experience or a performant API for programmatic trading, Kraken Futures offers a wide range of products on a robust, low latency, high-performance trading platform.(kraken-login here)

    Why trade cryptocurrency futures?

    • Crypto futures are an agreement between two counterparties to buy and sell a specific amount of an underlying crypto at a specific future price on a specific date and time
    • They allow you to gain exposure to a wide range of cryptocurrencies without ever having to own them
    • Individuals and organizations that do own cryptocurrencies can use futures to hedge exposure against market movements

    The Kraken Futures multi-collateral advantage

    Gain exposure to a wide range of assets without owning them outright. With a variety of collateral options, you have superior flexibility when opening new positions or maintaining existing positions. And no matter what crypto you trade, you can choose to convert any profits into a currency of your choice.

    Introducing the Multi-Collateral Futures wallet

    The multi-collateral wallet allows you to use a variety of collateral types to manage all of your positions, without needing to move funds around. For example, you can open a position on DOT/USD, use USDT as collateral and convert any profits to bitcoin.

    At this time, it is not possible to change the username of a Kraken account.

    If you would like to change the username because you feel it is not secure enough (perhaps it is too easy to guess or you accidentally made it public), we recommend that you open a new account with a different username.

    If you create a new account, you can verify that account using the same information and documents you had provided for your original account, if they are still valid.

    Note: If you create a new account with a different username, you will not be able to transfer your current account's assets directly into the new one.